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Solar power is the world’s most reliable source of clean energy. Businesses around the world are utilizing energy from the sun to not only to entirely cover their electric bills, but also to get a leg up on their competitors by investing in sustainable efforts.

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commercial solar

  • Cut operating costs, improve cash flow, and allow your budget to shift toward what’s important to your company. In addition to savings, your solar array provides independence and control over your future energy bills that can otherwise be difficult to predict.
  • Ensure your company’s energy needs are consistently met with a highly reliable and low maintenance solution. Solar systems are extremely durable, accessible, and noise-free. True Enterprises systems utilize equipment built to withstand New England winters and offer warranties up to 25 years.
  • Improve your brand with a greener image that shows customers and stakeholders your company’s commitment to sustainability. Each kilo-watt hour (kWh) of solar energy generated substantially reduces harmful emissions and choosing family-owned True Enterprises supports your local trade economy in the process.
  • Commercial solar installation isn’t just for huge companies anymore. Consider a solar installation an investment – not an expense – as returns accumulate year after year. Monthly utility savings, credits, and property value increases allow your array to pay for itself early into its long lifespan.
  • Complimentary site assessments take your property’s conditions, tax credit qualifications, and energy needs into account. Analysis of feasibility and return on investment inform our thorough solar project proposal.
  • Smart, durable mounting and racking to fit your site’s structural needs and ensure a low-maintenance, easy-to-use production system.
  • Solar system design using high-performance equipment and aesthetics that enhance the property’s curb appeal.
  • Installation executed by licensed electricians with proven experience in underground conduit work, roof and pole mounts, wiring, inverters, transformers, and load centers for large-scale projects.
  • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring support, product warranties, and long-term relationships with each client.
  • True Enterprises adheres to national electric codes, and facilitates all applicable local, state, and federal permitting and regulatory processes. We also assist in administering rebate programs to maximize your company’s return on investment. 
  • Authorized installers for a range of USA-based, effective, and attractive panel producers.  Including but not limited to: REC Premium Solar Panels, LG Solar, AllEarth Renewables
  • Companies share access to user-friendly, online energy monitoring platforms such as SolarEdge and Enphase.
  • Assistance offered in energy reporting programs, such as ISO-NE, for continual studies and tax credit purposes.
  • Products are warrantied up to 25 years and True Enterprises offers a 5-year warranty on labor and services.
  • Generator installation, climate control, and energy storing battery capabilities to meet your company’s specific needs.
  • True Enterprises has over a decade of experience in projects with vast range in size, scope, design, and collaboration with multiple local contractors as needed. 

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