Why use someone else’s power when you can generate your own? At True Enterprises we are committed to giving you the system you desire. We will provide a free estimate with a visit to your site, taking a solar analysis and calculating the system that will give you the best return on your investment. Contact us today to start saving and invest in your future.

Alternative Power Solutions

Seaside Solar

This 7.4kw system was specifically designed for the ocean environment to produce year round electricity.


[7.4kw YORK, ME]

Pole Mount

This versatile design has eliminated 20% of our customer’s electric bill. This is an affordable solution to reduce energy costs.


[1.6kw BEVERLY, MA]

Ground Mount

This ground mounted system is mounted at the optimal azimuth angle for maximum energy production.


[8.8kw ATKISON, NH]

Residential System

This system was designed to match our customer’s energy demands, while maximizing the available roof square footage.



Site Analysis– The true team will come out to your proposed or existing building site to preform a feasibility study. We will follow up with the best proposed location for your solar and your estimate return on investment (ROI).

Alternative Power Solutions– Along with solar, there are many alternative power solutions for your home or business. We install heat pumps (most efficient heating and cooling solution), Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging stations, Commercial and residential back up generators, Nest (the learning thermostat), and lighting efficiency upgrades.

Battery Backed Systems– We can provide you off-grid solutions for your solar. Size is based on your buildings needs and your required standby time. Batteries can be used as a back up system for grid-tied systems as well with the same design principles as a back-up generator.

USA Products– At True Enterprises we are firm believers in supporting US Manufacturing. Both our racking and solar panels are made in the USA. We strive to use USA made products any way we can.